This year's conference theme is,

Bringing people together

The Policy Community Conference is the Policy Community's gathering of the year! It is an opportunity for policy practitioners from across the federal public service and beyond to connect, be inspired, learn and practice, together.

You can expect a mix of dynamic learning opportunities offered through international speakers, interactive workshops and unexpected activities.

The 2020 Conference tried something new: due to overwhelming demand from previous years, we offered a ONE-DAY program, twice on back-to-back dates (March 4th or 5th). This allowed almost twice as many participants to attend the 2020 Conference in-person compared to 2019. The program for the two dates was identical.

The Conference was held in Ottawa at 111 Sussex Drive and available virtually no matter where you were.

Integrated Policy: Let’s Dance!

The theme of this year's Policy Community Conference was "Integrated Policy: Let's Dance!" It explored the rich relationships, mindsets and practices at the heart of integrated policy… whether it is integration:

  • between policy practitioners across the policy cycle (e.g., bringing policy development and delivery together),

  • between departments within the federal government, and

  • between the federal government and the broader policy ecosystem (e.g., other levels of government, academic institutions, and citizens).

We challenged participants to come make connections, be inspired, learn and practice at the Policy Community’s gathering of the year - let’s dance!