How do I register for the Conference?
There are different ways to secure your spot, whether you work in the Government of Canada or beyond, and are in the National Capital Region or elsewhere. Click here for information on how to obtain your ticket.
I am not a Federal Public Servant, can I attend?
Yes! The Conference is open to everyone, not only those who work in the Government of Canada. Given this year’s Conference theme “Integrated Policy: Let’s Dance”, we recognize a greater need for multiple perspectives and a diverse range of participants. Click here to see how you can submit a request for a ticket to the Conference.
How do I register for my preferred concurrent sessions?
For those attending in-person, there is no registration for concurrent sessions in advance of the Conference this year. You will choose your concurrent sessions at the Conference by voting with your feet. The concurrent sessions will be first-come first-serve. Once the room reaches capacity, you will be invited to join a different concurrent session. If you have your heart set on a particular session, make sure you get to the corresponding room early.
For virtual participants, certain concurrent sessions will be webcasted. They will be outlined in the Agenda. Again, no registration is needed.
Why is there a waitlist? How does the waitlist work? Will I be notified if I receive a spot?
This year, we are holding a waitlist for in-person tickets. It is open to everyone to provide a way for those who are keen on attending the Conference to signal their interest directly to the Conference organizers. 

Click here for more information about the waitlist and how to add your name. In the event that spots open up, you will receive instructions via email and have 24 hours to secure your spot. Only those receiving a ticket will be contacted.
What are the costs of attending the Conference? Will my travel and accommodations be covered?
There is no registration fee to attend the Conference or to participate virtually. If you are authorized by your manager to attend the Conference, please get in touch with your department/organization to inquire whether they are covering travel and accommodation costs.
How does the “one-day program offered twice” format work? Do I only need to attend one of the two days?
The agenda/content of the Conference will be identical on March 4th and 5th. This means you will only need to attend ONE of the two days. 

For in-person attendees, the day you will attend will most likely be chosen for you when you receive your ticket. 

For virtual participants, you are free to choose which day you want to watch the live webcast.

Pre-Conference Preparations

Which speakers and sessions will be featured at the Conference?
The agenda, which will include the speakers, workshops and activities, will be released in advance of the Conference as sessions are confirmed. Please check the Conference Programming page for announcements about speakers and sessions. 
What do I need to bring/do to be prepared for the Conference?
Please visit our Logistics page to find out everything that you will need to know before attending the Conference regarding transportation, food and what to bring.

During the Conference

Will there be simultaneous translation?
Yes. Simultaneous translation will be provided for all sessions in the main room. Bilingual sessions will be facilitated/offered in both official languages.
How does virtual participation work?
Virtual participants will be able to take advantage of the continuous programming in the main room via live webcasting - these sessions will be clearly identified in the Agenda. There are currently two options for virtual participation: individual and group viewing. Neither requires registration. For information on how virtual participation works, please click here.
Can I participate virtually with others? Will my department have a viewing centre?
Live webcasts of all sessions in the main room (continuous programming) will be available on both March 4th and March 5th. Certain Policy Community funding departments are booking departmental boardrooms for group viewing. Please contact your Ticket Coordinator to see if they are hosting group viewing at a location near you. If not, you are welcome to host your own group viewing.
Who do I contact if I have any more questions?
If the information you seek is not currently on our Conference website, please email and at the Policy Community Partnership Office.